• Petrified Wood Stool
  • Petrified Wood Stool

Petrified Wood Stool


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Editor's Notes

Stunning petrified wood stools that serve as the perfect little side table.  A stylish accompaniment to any living space injecting natural forms into the home.  Despite its stone-like appearance, these beautiful stools started their life as a piece of wood.  Through the process of fossilisation, the wood slowly turns to stone leaving each piece unique, imperfect but naturally very beautiful.  All stools in this shape are polished to a beautiful shine for a sleek, cylindrical piece of furniture.  

Pieces are hand-carved and therefore there may be slight imperfections from time to time but these are to be expected and are part of the character of the piece.

Details & Dimensions

All pieces are made from natural wood but most petrified wood comes in white, tones of grey, taupe and black.  

Email us at info@thegreyhouseonline.com for further details.


  • Diameter 20-30cm
  • Height 40-50cm

Customise your piece by selecting your dimensions and colour. 

For further information, please email us at info@thegreyhouseonline.com.


Bespoke orders are handmade and have an expected delivery time of 10-12 weeks.  At this stage we cannot ship individual furniture items outside of Singapore, we are working on finding a solution! For bulk orders please email us for more details. 

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