Meet The Grey House
Established in 2016 by Claire Warren, The Grey House combines contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship for a modern yet refined aesthetic. Sourced from artisans around the world, the collection focuses on handcrafted products that are both understated yet luxurious, and carry a subtle nod to their ethnicity.
Our rug collection is handwoven in Northern India, and also offers stunning bespoke options, while our teak furniture is produced by a family-owned business in Indonesia known for their skilled artisans who handcraft every piece. Our textiles and accessories are curated to compliment our products, while also being beautiful additions on their own to effortlessly enhance any home.

Our Philosophy
We believe in traditional production processes and our products support small and family-run businesses. The partners we work with empower their local communities through employment opportunities and the preservation of artisanal skills.

Recognising the need for adaptability, we offer classic silhouettes in a neutral palette and natural fibres, ensuring your pieces work with different decorating styles and in multiple spaces. This ensures a look that is both timeless yet affordable.


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